KathyDan Moore, LMFT

Therapy, Coaching, Mediation, and Parent Coordination

Are you and your partner currently in crisis? Has life become difficult, almost impossible? There is hope. You are not alone! I specialize in helping you resolve conflicts and navigate transitions in your life. I work primarily with couples and families and strive to help struggling committed couples to understand each other and develop compassion for your differences and work through your issues.

As a Couple and Family therapist, I can help you work through emotional challenges. Being part of a couple is both the most natural and often the most difficult relationship a person can have. We are all products of our past. We bring our childhood relationships with our parents into our adult couple relationships and give our partners our best and our worst. When understood, the roots of our behavior become clearer and we can untangle the dynamics that are difficult. Couples often need help with this process.

As a Divorce Coach and Child Specialist, I help to customize solutions in a respectful manner, emphasizing the best interests of the child. I counsel the parents on different aspects of parenting plans, helping you develop the best one for your situation and needs. In addition, I help parents deal with issues relating to their children. As a Coach, I support parents through the emotional issues of divorce.

As a Mediator, I function as a neutral facilitator and use my skills to assist each person in being heard and understood, enabling you to arrive at a fair and equitable settlement. I help each party express your interests and develop options which can lead to positive solutions.

As a Parent Coordinator, I work with separated parents helping you to be good co-parents to your children. I work on developing a co-parenting relationship with the focus on the children, and not on the past relationship. I help you establish rules and boundaries assisting you to move on in your separate lives, while at the same time, joining together in your new venture of co-parenting.