How can a Divorce Coach Help Me?

Getting unmarried is as time-consuming and detail-oriented as tying the knot in the first place, so if you were the type to hire a wedding planner, it’s not a far leap to think you’d want a divorce coach.

The whole process is an emotional roller coaster. You are splitting up everything from your house, your stuff, your children and often times even pets. A divorce coach is able to help with the emotions that come up.

In recent years, businesses around the country have taken divorce coaching to a new level: A couple works with a coach who specializing in things such as co-parenting and finances.

So if you’re thinking of hiring a divorce coach, here is what they can help you with.

  1. Pre-legal advice

Many people use divorce coaches to minimize talking to their lawyers. It’s a chance to vent about what a jerk your ex is to a professional who isn’t going to bill you as much.

A divorce coach can take lawyers almost completely out of the equation or, in some cases, work directly in conjunction with attorneys. They help manage the clients and support them by bringing a different set of skills to the divorce process than lawyers generally do.

Just don’t mistake a divorce coach’s advice for legal advice. It’s not!

  1. Hand-holding

While some people lean on friends and family for support, that can come with its own emotional baggage. Many divorced individuals have family members pushing them extremely hard to take their ex for all they are worth or hurt them in another way.

Divorce is a long process, and the coach goes along for the ride – not as legal counsel or therapist, but as a guide. It’s all about creating a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental and patient environment.

And the objectivity of a paid coach can be useful. A divorce coach can really help someone define and refine their goals and let you pare down and peel the onion layers and get to what really matters.

  1. Organizing

You may have your emotions in order but not your paperwork. Sometimes the paperwork is too difficult to manage, and a coach can assist in that area.

Coaches can help couples with everything from navigating their taxes to working out child-support issues when the couple doesn’t initially understand the nuts and bolts of the process.